thank you everyone for entering my giveaway ! i was astonished with the turnout !! i hope all this stuff goes to good homes !!

the winners are as follows:

1st pick - chesireclam

2nd pick - airhaven

3rd pick - kaelma

4th pick - theplumedpilot

i will be contacting you all immediately! please let me know within one week what bundle you want, your mailing address, and if for any reason you do not wish to receive anything anymore, in which case i will choose another person in your place!

thank you all again!




a fun way to start the day is by getting a call from a robot pretending to be a human

just watch it

holy jesus christ



do you ever just get to that point in an argument where you’re just done and the other person thinks that means they’ve won?

like no, you didn’t win. you’re not ‘right’. all that means is that you have literally exhausted me to the point where I don’t care anymore and I have opted out of continuing this discussion.


Anonymous asked:

what's "special snowflake" mean ?

frillious answered:

its a term used by shitty people to describe the individuals they’re offended by because said individuals are confident in who they are and apparently that’s annoying and fake who knew right


Or to describe someone who has something uncommon. A lot of people don’t take my disorder seriously because they have that mentality. Like I can control the fact I have a condition that is rare to develop at the level I have it at. People like to use “special snowflake” when they either don’t understand something or feel stupidly threatened. 

^^^^ you’re totally right and this is usually the case. basically the more things about yourself that are different, individualized, uncommon, or “”abnormal”” the more of a “”special snowflake” you are according to the snowflakers. they feel like if someone is different or uncommon or whatever thats~~ not okay~ (because other people’s identities affect snowflakers personally somehow) and that person is faking shit to “stand out” ? especially if there are multiple things !




fyi if you believe any of that “”special snowflake”” bullshit unfollow me right now i dont want your shitty opinion being associated with me in any way

but seriously is this some kind of Frozen reference or is special snowflake something entirely different

no darlin what i meant is there are people who believe that self-diagnosed mental illnesses (or illnesses in general), many of the nonbinary genders (if not all), neopronouns (what ppl call “the ”cutesy” ones), being otherkin or therian, and basically anything under the sun are ways for people to “”try to stand out and be ~special~”” and those people use the term “special snowflakes” because to them apparently being  yourself and being a complex person is a giant crime and everyone should be “normal” otherwise their identities are fake